Adventure Landing Raleigh

Adventure Landing operates its services in Raleigh, North Carolina and it is mainly associated with providing entertainment and attractions for people of all ages. The entertainment center offers a variety of features and some of them include Speedway Go-karts, miniature golf courses, laser tag in a multi-level arena, gaming arcade, batting cages, and a snack bar. Adventure Landing boasts of three distinctively themed 18-hole miniature golf courses created exclusively for the place and it comes with lush landscaping and foliage. The courses present there can be challenging for people of all skill levels. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your putting skills, you should definitely get yourself Adventure Landing´s Miniature Golf Season Pass. However, if you visit the place with a large group, it will perhaps serve you and your mates better to participate in a battle of Laser Tag. Adventure Landing boasts of an indoor batter arena that consists of strategic attack zones, mind-turning mazes, and state-of-the-art lighting and sound features. Check out: Marbles Kids Museum.

Other features

It is also possible for you to relive your yesteryears while in Adventure Landing. You can do so by visiting the gaming arcade. This particular section has over 75 interactive arcade and ticket redemption games. The redemption center, unlike other places, has quite the selection of merchandise. We can bet our bottom dollar that you will find an item worth playing for. If you are fanatic about batting, you should definitely head to the hardball, softball, slow pitch or fast pitch. The cages present in the entertainment center can be used either for individual or team practice. To be precise, the center has 9 cages with speeds ranging from 20 to 60 mph. It is possible for you to either use your own equipment or use hired items. Unfortunately, wooden bats are not permitted inside the cage. The presence of a go-kart track in the center not only helps fill your insatiable thirst for speed, it also challenges your driving skills. It is as close to NASCAR as you can get. You can challenge your family, friends, or other drivers on the track to a friendly race. This place can be deemed the ideal recreational center. However, we believe that you will only truly enjoy your experience at Adventure Landing with a group of friends and colleagues. It definitely helps that the place offers a wide range of affordable group events and group discounts. Hence, if you are tasked with the responsibility of setting up the next group outing, you should definitely take your friends or colleagues to Adventure Landing.

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