Blue Jay Point County Park

Located on the shores of Falls Lake in North Carolina, the Blue Jay Point County Park is spread over an area of 236 acres. Previously used for agricultural purposes, the park now excels at offering environmental education programs in a natural setting. Most of this acreage is now second-growth forestlands. Fortunately, a large area of land has been expertly used for the construction of playgrounds, open play fields, an overnight lodge, and an environmental education center. The park officially opened its gates to the public for the first time on January 1, 1992. The park offers fantastic hiking and walking trails; the trails are suitable for both the novice and experienced hikers. If you intend to stay in the park for an extended period, you can choose to stay in the Overnight Lodge of the park. There is something quite amiss about a park that doesn´t have a dedicated picnic area, isn´t there? Fortunately, Blue Jay Point has plenty of picnic areas equipped with tables and grills. We also love the fact that there is a Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course that gives participants aged 10 and up the chance to explore the park via the treetops using zip lines and Tarzan swings etc. And, for young ones who aren´t quite old enough to participate in the aforementioned activities, they shouldn´t be disheartened as the park has a Tot Lot playground, a Kids Lot playground, and a Natural Play Area.

Educational tours

There are several educational exhibits that take place in the park frequently, giving visitors the opportunity to specifically learn about the environment of the area. The Blue Jay Center for Environment Education accommodates an exhibit hall that primarily explores environmental and natural resource themes. The first set of exhibits focuses on the water sources and provides a peek of the water cycle, the Falls Lake watershed, the Neuse River basin, and the city´s dependence on Falls Lake for its drinking water supply. The next series of exhibits give visitors a look at many of the perils presently affecting the environment and highlights the steps people can take toward its conservation. There is also a Nature Discovery Room that gives visitors the chance to explore the animals, plants, forests, and streams of the park. More parks: William B. Umstead State Park. While in Blue Jay Point County Park, we would also recommend you to visit the Gardens and Study Pond. This particular area is beautiful and fit for royalty. Many of the environmental education programs even take place there.

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