Historic Yates Mill County Park

If you are looking for an escape from your hectic and monotonous lifestyle, we would definitely recommend you to visit the Historic Yates Mill County Park. Located 5 miles south of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, the park is spread over an area of 174 acres. The park particularly serves as an environmental research center and a wildlife refuge. There isn´t a dearth of things you can do and learn in the area. You can opt to wear comfortable sneakers and go for a hike on the many extensive hiking trails or simply choose to have a quiet picnic in the park. The park also has fishing spots for the fishing enthusiasts; in fact, to be precise, the park boasts of a 20-acre lake! There are several educational exhibits that take place in the park frequently, giving you the opportunity to learn about the environment, agriculture, and cultural history of the area. While there, you should absolutely visit the Yates Mill. The fully restored gristmill is the centerpiece of Historic Yates Mill County Park. Not only does the park boast of the restored mill, it also features a visitor center with a museum focused on milling and on the natural history of the area. Main Page


Downtown Raleigh’s County Park Tour Packages

You can opt to select from the many tour packages they have on offer. You can get inside Historic Yates Mill and watch the milling machinery and main power drive while exploring the mill´s history and aspects of its preservation. It is also possible for you to inspect the inner workings of the mill. You can also watch corn-grinding demonstrations and see the millstones at work grinding corn into meal. We are big fans of the tour package called, “Tip Top to Bottom Mill Tour” as well. The tour gives visitors access to all four floors of the mill. While there, the visitors get the chance to learn the history of milling in North Carolina, test their mill trivia, and learn about the various dangers of working in a mill. This tour is not for the unfit as there is plenty of stair climbing involved. There is also an interesting tour package titled, “History Detective Mill Tour.” As its name suggests, in this tour, you get the chance to hunt for clues, solve puzzles and probe the mystery of milling. You should understand that you will require a photo permit for client-based professional photography. Fortunately, you need not require a permit for family photography. Next up: Jack Smith Park.