Millbrook Exchange Park

Established in the year, 1971, Millbrook Exchange Park is spread over an area of a whopping 69.5 acres. It is situated next to Millbrook High School and Fire Station 15 in Raleigh, NC. In a nutshell, the park offers a variety of recreational features. However, if we have to pinpoint its most renowned facility, we would have to go with its swimming pool and tennis center. The Millbrook Exchange Pool that is located within the Millbrook Exchange Park has a main pool, wading pool, and a spray ground. Its main pool is covered by fabric tension structure and operated year round. Regrettably, the wading pool and spray ground are only accessible in the summer season. We also need to talk about the park´s groundbreaking tennis center. The tennis facility boasts of 23 hard surface courts with timer lights. The facility also has 4 backboards and a ball machine. We also love the fact that the facility consists of a conference room, locker rooms, pro shop and a covered observation deck. Need we say more?

Raleigh´s oldest off-lease Dog Park

We believe that it is important for you to know that Millbrook Exchange Park is home to Raleigh´s oldest off-lease Dog Park. The park is open to dogs from sunrise until the lights go out. The dog park has plenty of drinking fountains for both dogs and humans. The fact that the place also has a shade structure only adds to its charm. Of course, you needn´t worry about your small dog as there are fenced areas for both small and large dogs. While there, we would also recommend you to visit the community center. It features several amenities including classrooms, basketball courts, and a weight room. In fact, if we have to be more precise, there are exactly 2 outdoor basketball courts and they are constructed of concrete surface. It should also delight you to know that there is an indoor court available in the gym. You can locate a sandy playground area just outside the community center as well. Oh, and have we mentioned that the park also has 3 lighted ball fields? You should be well aware that the park is home to the “Immigrate Gate II” art installation. The sculpture was created by Jim Gallucci and it is a major attraction in the park. The marvelous 12-foot-high powder-coated steel sculpture will have your mouths gaping with astonishment. We would suggest you not to go to the park when there´s a ball game, swim meet, or a tennis match. You may face great difficulty finding parking. Up next: Neuse River Trail.