Neuse River Greenway Trail

The Neuse River Trail is one of the most iconic trails in North Carolina. Located in Raleigh, it stretches 33 miles and coasts along the banks of the Neuse River from the Falls Lake Dam to the Wake/Johnston County line. It is undoubtedly the longest greenway trail in North Carolina. The trail is open to both pedestrians and cyclists. The trail offers plenty of scenic views and gives visitors the chance to participate in plenty of activities. While there, you can bear witness to the Neuse River in all its glory, and see scenic wetlands and waterways, historical sights, beautiful woodlands, and agricultural fields. No matter the weather, a trip on this trail will take you on a magical journey. We like the fact that the trail connects to other attractions too such as Buffalo Road Athletic Park, Anderson Point Park, Abbots Creek Trail, and Milburnie Dam. You can also see plenty of kayaking, canoeing, and fishing enthusiasts along the trail. This trail is maintained to perfection and there are mile markers every quarter mile. The Neuse River Trail and all the trails connected to it offer outstanding hiking, strolling, and biking opportunities for individuals, groups, or families. You should know that the paved trail is large enough to accommodate the multi-use it was designed for. However, the trail is particularly renowned for its pedestrian bridges that span the Neuse River. There are a couple of suspension bridges that span the river; while one is located at Skycrest Road, the other can be found at Louisburg Road. Check out: Shelley Lake Park

What you can expect

While on the trail, you should particularly be on the lookout for small wildlife and beautiful birds. Trust us when we say this-you wouldn´t want to miss out on seeing the heron perched in the river waiting to catch its dinner. You will see eagles soar, turtles sunbathe, osprey fish, the river rise and flood and the seasons unfold. The numerous strategically placed benches also allow great spots to watch people if you like that sort of thing. You don´t have to worry about parking your vehicle as there are several parking spots along the trail. It also helps that you have access to drinking water and restrooms at Anderson Point Park and Buffalo Road Athletic Park. You can pick up the trail at many access points and there is no charge for using it. This trail is definitely worth a stop if you are ever in the area. So, what are you waiting for?

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