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Based in Raleigh NC, Louies Restoration and Plumbing takes pride in providing commercial and residential customers with superior plumbing and restoration services, professional quality, and affordable rates. Contact us today for expert water heater repair in Raleigh! We also provide 24/7 emergency service!

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At Louies Restoration and Plumbing, we listen to your needs. With years of experience, we are proud to say that we are one of the trusted names when it comes to water heater replacement in Raleigh NC. We have built a reputation as among the well-established plumbing and restoration companies in the Raleigh area. Excellent customer care is one of our priorities – we treat your home or your property as our own. We repair and replace your water heaters with utmost care.

It is our mission to offer you with an efficient and cost-effective water heater repair in Raleigh or for any emergency services for that matter. Our company understands that cost is always a significant consideration when it comes to hiring a plumbing and restoration company. At Louies Restoration and Plumbing, we strive hard to offer competitive and fair pricing to all our services. If you are in search of a reliable, honest, budget-friendly, and professional plumbing specialist, Louies Restoration and Plumbing is the answer. Each of our specialists works closely with you to ensure that they fully understand your needs and the scope of each project, the progress and the road to completion.

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• Voted the Best in Wake County.
• We are Highly reviewed for one of the Top Plumbing services, water heater repair & replacement in the Triangle Area.
• Our certified contractors are both experts in the commercial & residential fields.
• hot water heater or pipe burst and other types of disasters that results in flooding, water damage is a very real possibility.
•The first thing you should do is call our professional plumber to prevent, or repair any water damage. We are Licensed and provide high quality and reliable work.
• Get a Free estimate Today! Our Phone number is (919) 926-0325 get a Quick response and ask us for Advice, Questions, Procedures, Service costs. One of our specialists can help you.
• You have an Emergency? We suggest you to go online and search “24 hour water heater repair Near Me” to find someone ASAP.
•After tank replacement you need to repair any water problems, But no worries our team is licensed, has the best equipment and will have your home looking like new.

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Contact us today for an adequate water heater replacement in Raleigh NC. With our prompt and efficient service, we guarantee that you will be having a long steamy and hot shower in due time.

24/7 Emergency Water Heater Repair in Raleigh NC

If you have been unable to wash your dishes properly or shivering from cold showers, then your water heater may be broken. Know that help is always around. No matter what time of the day, Louies Restoration and Plumbing is here to fix your problem. While most homeowners will try to work around the problem, it is best to contact a professional company to thoroughly assess the damage, identify the cause, and provide a solution to get your water heater working once again. For a trusted and all-year-round water heater repair in Raleigh, contact us for a quick and efficient service. Most commercial and residential properties use hot waters for space heating, bathing, cleaning, and cooking purposes. When it is defective, you may have troubles going about your daily business. It is essential to check your water heater and have them repaired or replaced if:


Rust is visible in the water


You have an obsolete water heater that is over ten years


There are cracks or fractures in your water heater


Temperature or production of hot water is inconsistent


There are water visible around the heater


Noise or rumbling sound

Tankless Water Heater

If you notice any of these abnormalities, contact us immediately. We will have our plumbing specialist visit your property and assess the extent of the damage. Our team has the latest equipment and advanced training to identify the cause and provide a free estimate thoroughly. Whether you need to replace the heating coil or a new piping piece, we have the materials readily available for you. Contact us today for an adequate water heater replacement in Raleigh NC. With our prompt and efficient service, we guarantee that you will be having a long steamy and hot shower in due time.

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